Plastic Piping Provider Fully Reopens Following Year-long Pandemic Partial Shutdown

HOUSTON—One of the world’s leading innovators in plastic piping is breaking quarantine to return to the United States.

POLOPLAST America, the North American branch of German plastic pipe maker POLOPLAST, fully resumed operations beginning of the year following a year-long, pandemic-related partial shutdown in the U.S.

In March 2020, POLOPLAST’s made the decision to protect the company’s employees and business partners by partially shuttering its growing U.S. operation as coronavirus-related travel restrictions and social distancing measures went into effect around the world. Now, the company believes the time is right to return at full capacity.

“There may be no cure for COVID-19, but we’ve found the cure to rusty, metal pipes,” said POLOPLAST America CEO Diego Grüebler. “Our company is very excited to fully resume operations in North America after a long slow down. We look forward to further penetrate to market offering an ingenious and long lasting alternative to metallic pipes in hydronics in the commercial construction industry.

Poloplast’s German-made polypropylene (PP-R/PP-RCT) pipes and fittings are already industry-standard products in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East thanks to their superior longevity, insulation, and ease of installation. The lighter-weight pipes and fittings are designed to be assembled faster and saver into systems that are more durable, better insulated, and more efficient than traditional metal piping systems.

POLOPLAST America established its U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas in 2019. The company chose Houston as its base of operations because it’s one of North America’s fastest-growing cities and a top market for international builders, making it a natural fit for POLOPLAST America’s next-gen piping systems.

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POLOPLAST GmbH is an international piping-systems leader founded in Germany. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, POLOPLAST products are the premium industry standard for builders who prize cost, life-cycle, sustainability and operational efficiencies. POLOPLAST America is charged with introducing POLOPLAST’s innovative, German-made polypropylene (PP-R/PP-RCT) pipes and fittings products into the North American marketplace, beginning with the United States.

Diego Grüebler
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