POLOPLAST America is a new business founded in 2019, but the roots of our company stretch all the way back to 1954, when POLOPLAST began producing plastic piping systems in Austria. Initially, they were received as a novelty. Over the years, however, POLOPLAST products evolved to incorporate new technologies like sound insulation and five-layer construction that rapidly proved to be superior innovations, helping POLOPLAST set a new standard for piping systems designed for water supply, ventilation, ducting, waste and water discharge, and more.

Today, POLOPLAST America is bringing these industry-leading innovations to the North American marketplace for the first time. We believe builders, plumbers, and engineers in the U.S. and beyond deserve affordable, easy-to-assemble piping systems that are last longer, leave a more eco-friendly footprint, and provide more efficient operating characteristics compared to traditional piping systems.


POLOPLAST was founded by the ANGER brothers in Linz for the production of plastic pipes.

1955 - 1956

  • Takeover of POLOPLAST by the Durit Werke Kern & Co, together with Hatschek (50 % ownership each).
    Henceforth, the company trades under the name POLOPLAST.
  • Production of PVC pressure pipes.


POLOPLAST sets the standard in drainage: POLO-KAL


  • Manufacture and sales of PP-R pipe systems for floor heating Brand Name “ALPHA”
  • Production 1980 – 2003.
  • Starting of pipe production.


  • Manufacture and sales of PP-R H&C Dringking water pipe system
  • Brand Name “POLYMUTAN”
  • Production 1987 – 1991 Color Yellow


  • Product start of PP-R H&C Water Pipe System under Brand Name “TERSIA”
  • Production 1990 – 2003


  • Introduction into the market of the highly noise-insulated building drainage pipe system POLO-KAL 3S.
  • Hatschek leaves the company.
  • Change of POLYMUTAN to color curry.

1994 Innovation: POLO-KAL NG

  • The noise-insulated building drainage system POLO-KAL NG with innovative 3-layer technology. Meanwhile, it has become synonymous with quality in building drainage.
  • Starting of PP-R H&C pipe system Brand Name “ECOSAN”

2010 Innovation in Building Installation Systems

Highly flexible 5-layer pipe system POLO-FIT featuring a new connection technology.

2012 Innovation in Building Installation Systems

Introduction into the market of the 5-layer pipe systems POLOPLAST for plumbing

2013 Innovation in Building Installation Systems

POLOPLAST UV ML5: the 5-layered pipe features outstanding UV resistance, which is why it is mainly used in outdoor applications.

2015 Introduction of the comprehensive POLOPLAST UV system

POLOPLAST UV: the POLOPLAST UV building installation system consists of the well-tried 5-layered fiber pipe and new, matching fittings made from high-quality PP-R.

2017 Introduction of POLOPLAST Mechanical

POLOPLAST Mechanical: POLOPLAST mechanical is a plastic pipe system specially designed and developed for your air-conditioning applications. Thanks to the innovative technology and excellent material properties, the extremely resistant and durable system is a big step into the future of HVAC installation.